How to elaborate your forecast budget in Iziago?

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1. Save your future expenses/incomes

In a few clicks, create your forecasts in Iziago

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Your users save in Iziago the forecast transactions for their authorised accounts.
It is possible to enter unitary (for a one-time expense) or recurrent (for your subscriptions for example) operations. You can categorise your operations with a simple click.
You access the software directly on the Internet, from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. All your employees work on the same environment and the last available version.


GOOD TO KNOW : Users are free in Iziago, you can save as many users as you wish, there is no limit!


2. Analyse the evolution of your account balances

Consult immediately your treasury plan (diagrams and tables)

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From the saved forecasts, Iziago creates your treasury plan (per day, week or month). You can follow the evolution of the balances of your accounts or groups of accounts. You can analyse your flows per category.
On the software’s homepage, find the variation diagrams of your balances (per company, bank and currency).
To refine your balances over time, Iziago offers you tools to readjust your bank balances.

3. Make the right decisions for your company

Anticipate your treasury needs and release your reportings

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The treasury plan created by Iziago makes your availabilities or your financing needs clear.
Thanks to Iziago reports, you can analyse your transactions per transaction type and budgetary code.
The analysis of your forecast budget allows you to anticipate the evolution of your cash-flow and make the right management decisions for your company (cash transfers, etc.).
You can communicate to your senior management the reportings supplied by Iziago.

4. Prepare your payments

Very soon in Iziago…


After having analysed your forecast budget, you can prepare your transfer and direct debit remittances, ready to be sent to your banks.


Iziago is time-saving

spend less time creating your forecasts and reports



Focus on your "real" work

analysing and making decisions



3-month free trial with no commitment

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