Drop Excel: use Iziago for your forecasts

Rather than using Excel to manage your forecasts, choose a specialised software: you have everything to gain

Data reliability

No more formula and copy-paste errors, erased data…which often happen when using Excel.

Subtle analysis and graphic display

The data analysis in Excel is too complex: too much information, no hierarchy, creation of diagrams by hand…

One version for everyone

The coexistence of multiple versions of the same Excel file and the difficult sharing of the information show the limits of calculation spreadsheets when several people work on forecasts.  

Real-time display

Consulting your data in real time is impossible with Excel, it does not update information automatically.

Accessible anywhere

As opposed to an Excel file, a software specialised in SaaS mode is accessible from the Internet no matter where you are, from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.




The Iziago software allows you to manage easily the forecasts of companies


Save your future expenses and incomes


Analyse the evolution of your account balances


Make the right decisions for your company


Prepare your payments

Save time in the creation of your treasury plan and your reporting:

with Iziago, you can focus on value added tasks, such as flow analysis and strategic reflections.


3-month free trial with no commitment