Treasury forecasts are not complicated

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What are treasury forecasts?


Managing treasury is anticipating the company’s cash flow.




Treasury forecasts: what for?

Anticipating cash flow allows you to manage your company in a better way. 


If you are precisely aware of your financial situation at a given moment, you can make the right management decisions at the right time.

How do treasury forecasts work?

To make forecasts, you just have to follow 4 steps:

1. Know your accounts’ balance

2. List the coming expenses and incomes to know the available balance at any moment in the future

3. Readjust regularly your balances: compare them with the real balances and enter the unexpected transactions

4. Update regularly your forecasts


Spreadsheet or specialised software: which one to choose?

Companies often use Excel to manage their forecasts. This solution offers some advantages but also some disadvantages…




  • No additional cost: Excel is part of the software tools already used in the company


  • No training: the large majority of employees know how to use the basic functions of Excel


  • Easy to use: entering the periods in the columns and the types of expenses in the lines allows you to easily elaborate a treasury plan





  • Risk of errors and data loss: deleting a formula by accident often happens


  • No real-time display: Excel lacks reactivity and can make you lose time


  • Sharing problem: Excel is not made for a shared use, no one really ever knows who has the last version


  • No advanced functions: they can save you a lot of time, like the automatic generation of recurrent transactions, the splitting of a forecast into several transactions, the automatic readjustment of balances, the categorisation of flows, the multi-currency management, etc.





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