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Creating treasury forecasts with Iziago is really simple

1. Save your future expenses/incomes

2. Analyse the evolution of your account balances

3. Make the right decisions for your company

4. Prepare your payments

Treasury forecasts: what for?

Knowing the financial situation of your <br>company at a given moment…

Knowing the financial situation of your
company at a given moment…

…to make the right <br>management decisions…

…to make the right
management decisions…

…at <br>the right time

the right time

Understanding Treasury forecasts

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Why choose the Iziago software?

All of your information at a glance


On the Iziago homepage, find the diagrams showing the evolution of your balances..


No more risk
of errors


Your forecasts saved in Iziago are secure: you cannot delete them by mistake and you avoid entering them again



Get started


Iziago is easy to use thanks to an ergonomic interface and a time-saving pre-configuration. Accessible from the Internet, you do not have to install it.


Free trial
for 3 months


Enjoy a 3-month free trial to get familiar with the software.


Iziago is time saving

spend less time creating your forecasts and reports



Focus on your "real" work

analysing and making decisions





For €4,95/month only

elaborate you budget with Iziago


Detailed princing


3-month free trial with no commitment




Drop Excel!



Rather than using Excel to manage your forecasts, choose a specialised software: you have everything to gain.




Subtle analysis and
graphic display

One version
for everyone