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Treasury software dedicated to the construction industry

Our treasury software for Small Businesses and VSEs is perfectly suited for professionals in the Construction industry. It allows you to have an overview of your treasury and to obtain short and long term forecasts to anticipate and plan a bank loan, an investment budget, a hiring…

Make a treasury plan for your business

The treasury plan is an essential element of any company, VSE or Small Business. It allows you to list all expected collections and expenditures during a given period. Thus you have a clear vision of your available cash per month and can anticipate your needs.

Construction treasury plan

Evaluate your hiring opportunities

Have a future job site planned? Need manpower for an ongoing construction project? Thanks to our cash forecasting tool, you can anticipate and plan the hiring of new field professionals. Analysis of the data in this cash forecast will allow you to estimate your bank balance and your financial capacity to recruit, without jeopardizing your business.

Measure your expenses and invest in modern equipment

The change of equipment in construction represents a cost that must be absorbed. Our Construction treasury software allows you to forecast your sales and expenses in order to have an overview of your treasury at a given moment. You will therefore be able to determine the best time to invest in new equipment or more efficient tools.

Modular treasury software with a payment solution to ensure remuneration of construction industry staff

We also offer contractors and builders other modules to simplify their business management, financial health and the possibilities of activity development, without going through tedious management on Excel.

Our payment software for the Construction industry will allow you to carry out your banking transactions easily and quickly with the banks according to the standards in force. This solution is particularly effective, especially for the payment of your employees’ salaries, but also for the payment of suppliers’ invoices. You will be able to use remittance templates to set up recurring payments easily.

Construction treasury software

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