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Connect your ERP with IZIAGO

To streamline your cash management and payments, Iziago introduces its premiere API for the seamless connection of your ERP (Quickbooks, EBP, CEGID, etc.). This feature enables automation of your financial data retrieval, thereby making your daily tasks easier.

Real-time, automated exchanges

Iziago possesses its own APIs to which your management tools can connect (refer to technical instructions). This connection makes it easier to retrieve data from the Account Statements, Treasury Forecasts, Payments and Third Party Database modules.

Iziago APIs allow you to automatically retrieve:

  • Your bank statements
  • Your bank balances
  • Your forcast balances
  • Your forecast transactions
  • Your third-party account information
  • Your data is transmitted in real time.

In reverse, you can feed Iziago with data from your management applications (ERP, accounting software):

  • Your third-party data and their bank accounts
  • The data required to create transfers automatically in Iziago
API Securisés

Secure APIs

Iziago provides simple and secure APIs for the integration of your internal or third party applications.

Enhance your daily operations

Improve data reliability

Avoid input errors across your different software applications

Save time

Say goodbye to repetitive and monotonous tasks

Boost productivity

Focus on value-added actions

Using Iziago APIs

Start using Iziago APIs now!
Capitalize on the connection between your management tools and Iziago to optimize your operations.

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