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Treasury software: Create forecasts for €7.95 ex. VAT/month

Save your future expenses/income

Create your forecasts in just a few clicks

You can enter unit forecasts (for a one-off expense) or recurring forecasts (for rent, salary payments, sales, etc.). For your recurring forecasts, you can define an amount development rule as a value or a percentage or define your own timeline by entering amounts or a total amount to be broken down.. For example, if you expect your sales to grow, you can increase the amount of the sales forecast each month by applying a percentage growth.

You can easily find your recurring forecasts by color-coding them. You can also import your forecasts into Iziago from an Excel file or a separated text file.

Since the cash management module is preconfigured with budgetary codes and transaction types, you can categorize your forecasts with a single click.

  • Thanks to Iziago’s advanced features, you save time entering forecasts and you have qualified forecasts.

Analyse how your account balances change

View your cash management plan immediately (graphs and tables)

Iziago uses your saved forecasts to prepare your cash management plan (by day, week or month) based on your saved forecasts. You can track the balances of your accounts and groups of accounts.

To refine your balances over time, Iziago offers you tools to reframe your bank balances by presenting you with unrealized forecasts to carry forward or delete them and by generating adjustment movements.

  • All your information at a glance: the software’s home screen automatically shows charts depicting changes to your balances (by company, by currency). Predicting your liquidity in the future allows you to better anticipate your financing needs or your availabilities for projects.

Make the right decisions for your business

Anticipate your cash management needs and distribute your reports

The cash management plan created by Iziago shows your available funds or your financing needs.

With Iziago’s reports, you can analyze your transactions by transaction type and budgetary code.

Analyzing your cash management plan allows you to anticipate changes to cash flows and to take the right management decisions for your company (cash transfers, loans, deposits, etc.).

  • Iziago saves you time. Spending less time creating reports allows you to focus on your core role of analysis and decision making. You can provide your management with the reports generated by Iziago in PDF format or, as the number of users is unlimited, you can give your manager access to Iziago so that they can view the reports whenever they want.

Why give up Excel ?

No more formula and copy and paste errors or deleted data… frequent occurrences when using Excel.

To create specific tables and produce individual reports, Excel can sometimes be adapted. But how do you retrieve and use an Excel file when the person who created it is the only one who knows how it works? A spreadsheet created by one person is often complex and difficult to maintain, posing a risk to your business if that person leaves the company. In contrast, Iziago is easy to use and allows seamless collaborative work.

Analyzing data in Excel is complex: too much information, no hierarchies, charts created manually, etc.

The fact that multiple versions of the same Excel file exist and the difficultly sharing information show the limitations of spreadsheets when several people need to work on forecasts.

Being able to view data in real time is not possible with Excel; it does not allow information to be updated automatically.

Unlike an Excel file, specialized software in SaaS mode can be accessed online wherever you may be, from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Direct Debits

Automatic account statement retrieval

With the “Automatic account statement retrieval” option, Iziago retrieves your bank account’s balance and movements and synchronizes them with your cash forecasting module*.

  • View statements for all your accounts, including accounts in other European countries.
  • Save time, Iziago is a centralized multi-bank solution, you don’t have to go to each bank’s website to view your account statements.
  • Easy to use to view your balances and movements.

* Feature available from June 2021


Payment Module

Iziago also allows you to manage your payments.

Direct debits Module

Iziago also allows you to collect from your customers via direct debit.

Account statements module

Iziago also allows you to automatically retrieve your bank statements.

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