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Treasury software dedicated to leisure and culture companies

The treasury software for VSEs and Small Businesses is very well suited for leisure and cultural facilities: gyms, movie theaters, museums, amusement parks… Its use simplifies the management of the company and decision making thanks to an overview of the treasury.

Make a treasury plan for your business

As for any company, leisure and cultural activities need to create a treasury plan to anticipate financing needs or know their financial capacity to invest in equipment, premises, recruitment…

Treasury plan culture

Evaluate your hiring opportunities

Is your business growing and do you need to complete the team? Are you entering a busy season for your business and need reinforcements? Hiring is a budget that must be planned in order not to impact the financial health of your business. Our cash forecasting module allows you to enter all treasury forecasts: collections and disbursements over a given period. Therefore, you obtain a dashboard and a vision of your available liquidities to be able to plan a recruitment with serenity.

Measure your expenses and invest in quality equipment

From your forecasts, you can quickly and easily analyze the data to estimate your financial capacity to invest, whether it’s in a new, larger facility or in modern equipment or machinery. You can also connect your cash forecasting module with the account statement module for automatic, real-time adjustment of your forecasts based on your bank statements.

A modular treasury software...

...with a payment solution to ensure salaries of staff

It is also possible to complete your subscription to the cash forecasting software with the payment management module. This module allows you to make payments more easily by providing your bank with an order file that respects the current standards. This tool is ideal for the payment of employees’ salaries or even suppliers’ invoices. The functionality of retrieving remittance templates for recurring payments is a time saver in the management of your business.

...with a direct debit solution for subscriptions

The direct debit module can also be used in addition to the cash forecasting software. It allows you to send your bank a file in the right format to collect the fees of your gym’s subscribers for example.

All our solutions form a complete offer for companies in the leisure and cultural industry. The tools have functionalities that simplify the structure’s administrative management and exempt from the tedious use of Excel. They all work in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) and are accessible on the Internet from any computer, Windows or Mac, for an unlimited number of users.

Treasury culture software

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