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Bank account software free for 3 months

Discover our bank account statement module for free for 3 months. This offer allows you to test the different features of the tool, and of our other modules, for your VSE or SME, without any cost or commitment.

Account statement module

The account statement module

The bank account statement software is offered through our partner Ponto. It allows you to automatically retrieve your bank account statements, from all your accounts, including your accounts in other European countries. You have a view of your accounts and your operations directly in our application on a single interface. In real time, you can know your available liquidity and anticipate your needs.

You can synchronize this module with our cash forecasting software. You will be able to benefit from a quick reconciliation of your forecasts and will automatically adjust your forecasts according to your bank statement. Knowing your financial capacity according to your expenses and your future income will allow you to make the best decisions for your activity and to plan a hiring, an investment, a budget for a future project…

How can you take advantage of the three-month free trial?

We offer you free access to our tool for 3 months, with no cost and no commitment, as well as to the other modules offered so that you can test the features and see if they are suitable for your business VSE or SME. You will be able to try the account statement module, but also the cash forecasting software, the payment management software and the direct debit software.

To take advantage of the offer, register with our tool by entering your contact information and company details. You will then receive login details to use the tool online. Our software works in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) which means that you can access it via the Internet from any computer, tablet or smartphone, on Windows or Mac.

What about after 3 months?

At the end of the 3 free months, you can, if you wish, subscribe to our offer. We offer a subscription that can be adapted to your needs with one or more modules. Consult our rates to learn more.

Account statement

Try out the software free of charge for 3 months

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With no obligation, no credit card

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