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Treasury software free for 3 months

We offer you to test the cash forecasting module for free during 3 months for your VSE or SME. This offer allows you to try out all the functionalities of our tool and the other modules offered, free of charge and with no obligation.

Treasury module

Treasury module

With our treasury forecast software, you can record all your sales and expenses forecasts. This tool is ideal to analyze the situation of your company and to generate a treasury plan more reliable and complete than an Excel table. The treasury plan of a company, VSE or SME, is essential. It will be useful to make the best decisions for your business. Budget to allocate to a future project, hiring, investment ? Make your choices at the best time according to your available cash and your financial capacity.

Easy to use, this tool can be used by several users whether you work on Windows or Mac. You will have a clear and readable dashboard with a forecast view in real time and for the weeks to come. During the 3-month free trial, you will also have access to the account statement retrieval module that can synchronize with the cash forecasting module for faster forecast reconciliation and automatic balance adjustment based on your bank account statement.

How can you take advantage of the three-month free trial?

These 3 free months will be the opportunity to use the module and all its features to see if it suits your business and your internal operations. During this period, you will also be able to try our other tools: the payment management software, the bank statement software and the direct debit software.

What about after 3 months?

After 3 months of free use of the cash forecasting module, if you are convinced, you can subscribe to our offer by choosing one or more modules. The subscription is flexible according to your needs. Consult our rates to learn more.

Enjoy 3 free months

Try out the software free of charge for 3 months

Access to 3 modules + banking communication option
With no obligation, no credit card

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