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Make your financial data exchanges automatic and reliable with APIs

Les API Iziago

Automate your financial data exchanges with APIs

In an increasingly digitalized world, the speed and reliability of data exchanges are key issues for companies. APIs are an essential tool for addressing this need.

What is an API?

Until now, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) were mainly reserved for software publishers and IT departments for internal use.
With the advent of the Web and the Cloud, they have gradually been democratized, particularly in the banking sector with the implementation of the PSD2.
Now, companies can use them to connect their applications to work together in a single ecosystem.
In concrete terms, the API will act as a bridge between your different internal applications, allowing them to automate their flows without human intervention. They will then be able to easily exchange their data, or even their functionalities.
If you want to increase efficiency and reduce costs, using this type of tool is ideal for retrieving and transferring quality data quickly and securely, without having to rework your infrastructure.

Why use an API for your financial missions?

Using an API will allow you to automate some of your tasks, such as sending payment files or retrieving financial data in real-time. With automation, the risk of human error is eliminated, and your financial processes are accelerated. And APIs are secure to protect your financial data and prevent fraud. They use security protocols and standards such as HTTPS or OAuth to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data during exchanges.

APIs are designed to be easily integrated with existing systems and are flexible. You’ll be able to design fully customized processes for your IT systems, and with real-time availability of your data, you’ll be able to create custom reports that integrate all of your company’s financial data.

Utilisation d'une API

Increase your efficiency with Iziago APIs!

Our partner Ponto‘s API already enables you to directly consult your account statements in real-time on the Iziago software.
Now Iziago has its own API that allows your ERP, such as Quickbooks or EBP, to connect to the Iziago application to retrieve data from the Account statements, Cash Forecasting, Payments, and Third-Party Database modules.

Gagnez en efficacité

Once the APIs are set up, you can automatically retrieve:

  • Your bank statements
  • Your bank balances
  • Your cash balances
  • Your forecast transactions
  • The data of your third-parties

But also:

  • Add third-party accounts,
  • Send your ERP data to create XML unitary transfers and download them

The exchanges are fully encrypted to guarantee the security of your data from end to end.

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