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New Iziago features to optimize your cash management!

Nouveautés Iziago

New Iziago features to optimize your cash management!

In order to offer you an ever more efficient tool, we regularly update the application automatically and free of charge for all our users.

Manage your treasury budget in Iziago!

The Cash forecasting Module is now composed of two menus:

  • Daily treasury: this menu allows you to manage your forecasts, to make your reconciliations, to display your forecast balances, etc.
  • Treasury Budget: this new menu allows you to manage your budget directly in the Iziago application.

With the Treasury Budget feature, you have the possibility to create a budget for a company, or import your budget directly into Iziago. You can adjust your budget, even imported, at any time. Your forecasts entered in Iziago and the realized transactions are automatically taken into account in your budget. Then it allows you to compare the cumulative realized treasury flows with those you entered in the budget.
You can keep an eye on the evolution of your budget objectives.

Simplified forecast management

The Iziago software allows you to enter your future income and expenses to set up a reliable forecast plan. You can also enter your recurring forecasts so that they are automatically taken into account every month. To make it even easier, this feature has been improved:

  • Suggestion to create a recurring forecast from a bank transaction that does not have a forecast.
  • Suggestion to update the amount of a recurring forecast when reconciling with a bank transaction of a different amount.
  • For the past recurring forecasts, addition of a column in the schedule with the amount of the reconciled bank transaction.

The Iziago software is endowed with many automatisms to simplify and optimize your treasury management. For example, when uploading domestic, SEPA and international payment remittances, Iziago automatically generates treasury forecasts.


To learn more about cash flow forecasting, you can read our Treasury Forecasts White Paper.

Optimized cash reconciliation

The Cash reconciliation feature was improved to simplify its use and optimize your reconciliation:

  • The addition of a virtual assistant to guide you efficiently
  • The addition of a visual alert to let you know if there are any unhandled forecasts prior to the current date.
  • You can then reconcile them, mark them as realized, shift them in the future, or delete them.

Thanks to the automatic account statement retrieval, the balances and transactions of your bank accounts are automatically synchronized in the Cash forecasting module. This allows you to quickly reconcile your forecasts. From now on, your treasury forecasts are automatically adjusted according to your balances to facilitate your treasury management.

The other Iziago evolutions

ISO 20022 XML format in the Direct Debits module

The Cash forecasting module is not the only one to have evolved! Iziago’s Direct Debits module now allows you to debit your customers anywhere in the world. Iziago already made it possible to generate remittances and remittance models for SEPA direct debits for countries in the euro zone. It now manages direct debit remittances and templates for all other countries in the world using the ISO 20022 XML format.

Iziago Mobile app

The Iziago Mobile application is available!

You can download the Iziago Mobile application now on the Android and iOS stores. This first release includes the menus:
  • Accounts: consult your account statements at any time from your smartphone.
  • Transfers: create domestic, SEPA, international transfers and add your beneficiaries.
  • Treasury: display your forecast balances as a table or as a chart.
  • Settings: reset your mobile password and activate biometric authentication.

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